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Clash Of Clans - 1 Ways To Get Free Gems + How To Get 8,000 Gems In 1 Day!!

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Clash Of Clans - 1 Ways To Get Free Gems + How To Get 8,000 Gems In 1 Day!!
Clash Of Clans - 1 Ways To Get Free Gems + How To Get 8,000 Gems In 1 Day!!
How to Get Diamond LINE Let's Get Rich Guide (Step-by-Step)
Let's Get rich line currently became one of the most popular applications. Proven in the year 2014 yesterday, Line managed to occupy a position to second most popular applications according to a poll conducted one of the main leading magazine in Indonesia. That proves that the monopoly online game is very loved by many people.
in order to get a Diamond in LINE Let's Get Rich are free without spending a dime out of your pocket.
We start with five stages:
The first step: Install whaff, Producing Dollars in Android Applications
Step two: Make Google Wallet and configuration in it
Step three: Withdrawal Dollar whiff to Google Wallet
Step four: Application Redeem Code to Google Wallet
Step five: Purchase Diamond in LINE Let's Get Rich
Well, if you already know how to work whaff, You can jump directly to the (step-by-step) Gets Diamond LINE Let's Get Rich Guide. How to get it very easily, you can get it for free and safe as well as officially recognized by the world. What is needed is an internet connection and android phones.
Here's how to get it:
1. Open Playstore on your android phone. Find an application called "whaff Rewards". Or click here. Then install

2. Open Application whaff Rewards, log-in button click, and then click login using Facebook. Wait for the process.
3. Then there is a box to enter the invite code, just enter this code: AW53526so that you earn the first bonus $ 0.30. Check with the correct code that you enter as above so that the bonus is not lost. Bonus invite code is given only once when first registering.

4.NEXT you just collect free dollars as much - much with how to install and try out applications - applications offered on the menu whaff Premium pick and pick whaff (in the application whaff).
5. To get a free gift card google play and exchanged with Diamond or ammunition LINE Lets Get Rich, you have to collect a dollar from a minimum of $ 12 and a whiff further dollar exchanged with Diamond or ammunition LINE Lets Get Rich.
6. Once the dollars collected at least $ 12, you already can exchange with Diamond and other ammunition.
Last STEP Redeeming Dollar whiff By: Diamond Guide in LINE Let's Get Rich
Open and play LINE Let's Get Rich on your Android.

SECOND STAGE: Google Wallet
As we know, Google Wallet is Google's official payment for all product applications or games that exist in Google Play, such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, LINE Let's Get Rich.
Now, specifically for the way we are talking about this one is how to use the Redeem Code which later we will get from whaff. However, Redeem Code can only be used in the Americas (United States).
Now I want to tell how to alter our country in the Google Wallet to US (United States).NOTE: All the risks borne by each country which have been changed will not be changed again in quick time.
The Google Wallet login using your Google account.
After that, go to the Settings section, click on the Home Address, and liken the address to be like this or you can use a valid address in the United States.
If so, click "Save". If there is a further confirmation, click "Accept & Continue".
Up here, you've managed to arrange for Google Wallet can receive payments from whaff.
STAGE THREE: Withdrawal Dollar to Google Wallet

If your balance is more than $ 10, you can make withdrawals to Google Play Gift Card (Google Wallet) or PayPal.
Open and run whaff, then slide to the left, click on the "Payout".
Next, select the "Google Play Gift Card" as a method of making dollars.
You select the amount of the balance to be retrieved. For example wants to attract $ 12 into Google Play Gift Card J If so, click the button Request.
Then, wait for about 1-3 hours, to get a reply berupaRedeem Code. You can see it in the Reward History> Check Gift Codes.
FOURTH STAGE: Implementation Redeem Code
The next is to apply the Redeem Code which we can into our Google Play Store.
click Menu, and select Redeem.
After that, input the Redeem Code which had been we get.
If successful, it will display a notification like this.
Perform steps as above, and the Clans of clans Gems can be obtained easily and Free!